George H. Bullard, DDS - Pediatric Dentistry


Just a few of the things that set us apart…

* Parents are welcome!  We’ll treat you like family.

* Our amazingly friendly staff who love working with kids.

* A building and waiting room designed by kids (lots of purple!).

* Dr. George and the team have trauma experience.

* Complimentary Well Baby Checks (under 18 months) for the best possible start to a healthy smile.

* Our Board of Directors is made entirely of kids (and you can nominate yours!).

* Field Trips (in schools and at our office) by the amazing Miss Janis.

* Dr. George is really just a big kid at heart!

And we’re Just Plain Fun!

Kids Having Fun - Pediatric Dentist in Sheboygan and Manitowoc, WI

Parents Are Welcome

You may accompany your child through any and all types of visits (with the exception of a hospital, general anesthesia setting).  Dr. George encourages the family to be with the patient at all times if needed for the child’s comfort.

Trauma Experience

Because one in five children will fall, chip or break a tooth, Dr. George is on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in case you need him. He is very experienced with injuries due to falls, car accidents and other trauma. He can talk you through a situation over the phone, meet you at the office or care for you in the hospital setting. Dr. George gives out his home number to all of his patients. He is there for your children.

Complimentary Well Baby Checks

IMG_1136_WEB_RESA baby wellness visit is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association around a child’s first birthday. This is especially important for your young child so we can make you comfortable with normal growth and development, feeding and oral habits. Our office offers a complimentary “Well Baby Check” for children under the age of 18 months — call us to schedule your little one’s  appointment.


Board of Directors Made of Kids

BOD official photo_2016Bullard Children’s Dentistry goes to great lengths to take kids seriously….and we sure have fun doing it. We’re in the business of kids, so we thought it made sense for the office to be directed by kids. With this in mind, the idea of a Kid’s Board of Directors came to life. We look forward to this important meeting every spring, where we get great ideas to make our office even better!

The Board is selected based on nomination letters submitted by parents.  When the Board gathers, Dr. George officially calls the meeting to order, and the members (usually ranging in age from five to twelve) take an oath of office, promising to represent kids and brush their teeth twice a day (and floss once!). The job of the Board is to brainstorm and give creative ideas for the dental office to implement. The group also votes on “Board Recommended” flavors of toothpaste, nose scents, and treasure box toys and designs fun badges for our team to wear.

You can read more about our current Board of Directors on our “Amazing Kids” page.

Fieldtrips2013-02-10_Field Trip_Kohler JK 210

There’s fun in store for kids between the ages of two and eight at Bullard Children’s Dentistry. Complete with guitar songs, puppets and hands-on practice, our talented Field Trip Coordinator educates kids on tooth health, brushing practice and good nutrition. Call us to schedule a time — you can come to our office or we can come to your school for an educational fieldtrip.




We publish a newsletter every six months, The Tooth Times, with dental information for patients and their parents. Inside it you will find information on current office happenings,  dental health tips, and office contests. Click on the link below to read one of our past issues:




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Tooth Times – November 2013


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Tooth Times – May 2014



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Tooth Times – November 2014



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What Our Patients Say

What Our Patients Say - Pediatric Dentist in Sheboygan and Manitowoc, WI

Dear Doctor Bullard and Staff, My husband called me while in your office to tell me the immediates of what was going on with Jeremy’s teeth. He said that he was so happy that he was allowed to come back with Jeremy while he was having his exam. As a parent he was thrilled with your professionalism and your extra care of Jeremy.  He said he was so impressed that you were so caring and understanding of Jeremy’s fears of the dentist. As you know, he had a very bad experience with his prior dentist that resulted in a lot of pain and terror during a filling. Jeremy called me while they were at the drug store waiting for his medicine after his visit with you. Jeremy told me how much he LOVES the dentist now and that all of you are so nice.  He also said that he LOVES Dr. Bullard and would like to still go to your office when he is a grown up.  It was so heartwarming to hear him feeling positive about your office, his treatment and the amount of respect and dignity that you provide. I wanted to write to you right away to thank you all for your kindness.  It is wonderful to see that Jeremy is so positive about going to the dentist. THANK YOU!!!

Sincerely, Betty (Jeremy’s Mom)

Dear Doctor Bullard and Staff, Thank you very much for providing Brandon with excellent care. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Brandon enjoyed coming to your office. Dr. Bullard, keep doing what you are doing. You have a great personality and are a great children’s dentist!

Sincerely, Wendy (Brandon’s Mom)

Dear Doctor Bullard, Lauren and I wanted to thank you for putting us both at ease during our emergency visit on Saturday night. You were so kind to come in and were so gentle with her. You make us so grateful to be part of this community!

Sincerely, Jenn (Lauren’s Mom)

Dear Bullard Children’s Dentistry Staff, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the video you made with the Head Start Kids.  I viewed it on Saturday at the Mall Health Fair – you belong on T.V.!! What a great presentation this is! I hope you plan on doing more just like this one.

Sincerely, Sandee

Dear Dr. George, You are a very good dentist.  Everyone at your office is friendly and nice. I like coming to my checkups because you make it fun and always take good care of me.  Thank you for being my dentist.

Sincerely, Matthew (Age 6)