We have – without doubt -- the BEST dental team on the planet! Everyone here loves kids and is totally committed to her craft: providing excellent dental care for every patient who walks through our office door. We smile, we joke, we laugh… we are a family. And we treat you and yours like you’re part of our family, too! Here are the amazing members of Team BCD…

Staff laughing together
Chris' retirement lunch
Staff ice cream eating contest
Purple Day 2019-04

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - BeckyBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Ashley the pirate

Becky – Insurance Specialist

I have lived in Sheboygan my whole life and come from a very close-knit family. I have: three younger brothers; two daughters of my own who are 12 years apart -- Paige, the best big sister ever, and Annalynn, our new baby!--; and two furry, barking “children”, Halo and Puck. My fiancé, Nick, and I are busy with work and kids’ activities during the week, so on weekends, we make family time a priority and also enjoy spending time with friends. We especially love to camp during the summer and fall months.

I started working at BCD in 2009 and have enjoyed my job since day one. I handle the insurance side of things, which can be challenging, but that’s what makes it fun.  I like working with kids and being part of a team who’s focus is to ensure children have a fun experience. The BCD staff is like family – we all support each other – and I love everyone I work with!

My hobby is: cleaning my home -- I actually ENJOY it!

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - AshleyBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Ashley the pirate

Ashley – dental Hygienist

I started working in dentistry in 2007 as a Dental Assistant, but I graduated from the hygiene program in 2010 and have been a full-time Dental Hygienist since. I am a Manitowoc native and enjoy spending time with my husband, Dan, and our dogs – two beagles. I have a massive movie collection that is constantly growing, and my favorite movie to play for kids at the office is "The Little Mermaid."

I have no willpower when it comes to: puppy chow!

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - AmandaBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Amanda the Packer Fairy

Amanda – Director of First Impressions

I have been working at BCD since 2015, and I absolutely love participating in any special event at work: Green Bay Packer days, Pirates & Mermaids, March Madness – you name it! I am a big Packer fan – I am the Packer Fairy, after all! ;-) I love to have fun, which is why I love to work at BCD! Outside the office, I like to draw and paint, watch romantic comedies, and am a huge fan of the show, "This is Us."

My favorite restaurant: Majerle's in Sheboygan

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - LindseyBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Lindsey and kids

Lindsey – Dental Assistant

I started my career in Dental Assisting in 2014, right here at BCD. I love working here because I enjoy the goofy things kids say ("My teeth feel as clean as… something that is really clean!"), and helping kids feel comfortable and confident at the dentist. I’ve lived in Sheboygan my whole life and bought my first house with my husband, Jeremy, a few years ago.

My special talent: I have mastered the art of making super soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies – I'll never use another recipe! (BCD Editor’s note: We LOVE Lindsey’s chewy chocolate chip cookies!)

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - DawnBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Dawn's silly photo

Dawn – Dental Assistant

I’m a family girl whose heart is full of love! I love my family, I love my church family, and I love how everyone at BCD is like family! I have been working here since 2014, and I love making kids feel as comfortable as they can while getting their teeth worked on. I love the fun work atmosphere! When I’m not at BCD, I love anything outdoors, especially in the summer, like campfires and making s’mores.

My favorite movie to show kids at the office: Trolls (so much love!)! (BCD Editor’s note: Dawn ROCKS office snacks! She makes the most delicious foods for us – feel the love!)

Ashley N_2019_with nameBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Denise's silly picture

Ashley – Dental assistant

I have been in the dental field since 2016 and am happy to join the team at BCD as a Dental Assistant. I live in Sheboygan Falls with my boyfriend and three pets: a dog and two cats. When I am not working, I love hanging out with my family and friends. Some of my favorite things to do are reading, listening to music, cleaning or being outside. I especially like going to the Lake or enjoying some sort of festival, so it’s nice we have so many in our area! 

My favorite holiday is: The 4th of July!

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - AllisonBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Allison's silly photo

Allison – Dental Assistant

I love the outdoors, spending time with my friends and family, and working at BCD! I’ve been a Dental Assistant since 2015, and I love working with the kiddos and seeing them happy. When I’m not at work, I like hiking, running and snowmobiling. I really enjoy hanging out with my family, watching movies and going to the camper every weekend. My favorite thing to do at the camper is sit around the campfire and play games.

My most favorite movie EVER: "Elf"!!

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - StephanieBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Stephanie's silly photo

Stephanie – Dental Hygienist

I have been a Dental Hygienist since 2013, but have been working in the dental field since 1996. I feel it is important to maintain a healthy smile, which is why I have continued to work in dentistry for as long as I have. I enjoy spending time with my two children and my husband. We are fond of the outdoors, and one of our favorite activities to do as a family is go canoeing.

My superpower: Crafting (BCD Editor’s note: Stephanie is our go-to for the most amazing games in our office, including a fantastic fish pond for our Fun Fair and a portable putting green for Halloween!)

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - JanisBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Janis' field trip with kids

Janis – Field Trip Coordinator

Note: Janis is the wonderful performer who visits thousands of kids every year to teach them about good dental health with music (all original songs written by Shannon Bullard, Dr. George’s wife!) and puppets. If your child has met Miss Janis, ask him about the puppets – their silly, squirty antics are a highlight of the field trip experience!

I have been visiting schools and teaching kids about good dental habits for since 2012. I also get to meet kids and their families at a variety of community events, including the Sheboygan Jaycees’ “Lunch with Bunny” every Easter. On a personal note, I have been married to a loving man, Mark, for over 30 years. We have four awesome kids who are all in college or graduate school. I’m also a Children’s Church teacher, using music and puppets to teach lessons (sound familiar?!).

My favorite board game: Settlers of Catan!

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Gillian's ugly sweater

Gillian – Dental Hygienist

I grew up in Oconomowoc, WI as an only child. Ever since I was small, I thought I wanted to be a teacher. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, but found out that teaching wasn’t my passion. I can’t complain because I found my husband at college (he IS a teacher and loves it!)! Right after we got married, I went back to school for dental hygiene, and the rest is history! I love working with kids and have been working at BCD since 2009.

My husband and I are blessed with two children. I'm actively involved in our church playing piano and organ, and I assist with worship music.

I'm a closet fan of: Opera!

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - NicoleBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Nicole's silly picture

Nicole – Marketing Coordinator

I have been delighted to work with the amazing Team BCD since 2011! When I'm in the office, I love seeing everyone's smile, hearing Dr. George's laugh, and watching the Team working with kids. This place is bursting at the seams with happiness! I couldn't think of a better place to work! When I'm not in the office, I'm usually at one of our daughters' sporting events, taking in art or a play with my husband, or eating anything frosted (cupcakes!!). I enjoy traveling and hope to visit every continent someday -- only Australia and Antarctica are left to conquer!

My favorite punctuation: The exclamation point!!!!!

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - JulieBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Julie's silly photo

Julie – Dental Assistant

In my previous life I earned a degree in Hospitality Management and was a "cube dweller" in an office. I changed directions and started at BCD in 2009, and I love it because it’s FUN!! The Team is Awesome! I have great respect for Dr. G, but I also get to pick on him like a brother. And I really like helping the kids feel proud of themselves when they finish an appointment. BCD oozes happiness!

Outside of BCD, I love spending my time with my family – my husband, boys and our pets (I'm an animal lover – I want to pet all animals, wild and domestic!). When we have the chance, my family likes to kayak and be outdoors, two things that can be challenging during a Wisconsin winter!

My favorite food: Anything with sugar! (good thing I know all about the importance of good dental health!)

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - JenBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Jen's silly photo

Jen - Business Manager

I started in the Dental Industry in 1996 as a Dental Assistant. A few years later, I moved to the Fox Valley to go to Hygiene school, but decided I liked working in the front office better, so went to Marian University for Human Resources and General Management and graduated with a B.A. in both. In 2007, I became a Practice Manager for a large dental practice in Appleton. After living 12 years in the Fox Valley area, I moved back to my hometown of Sheboygan Falls. I met my husband, and we currently reside in Sheboygan with our three children who keep us busy with soccer, basketball, football, baseball, and swim meets. When we have time, I love to waterski, kayak, swim, paddleboard, and hike – anything that gets me outdoors spending time with my family!

I am so excited to be part of the BCD team. I look forward to coming into work every day and seeing the smiling faces and excitement of our patients when they walk through the door. I am grateful to be a part of a team that is so fun, caring, and passionate about serving our patients.

I am a closet fan of: Techno Music

Taylor_2019_with name   

Taylor – dental assistant

I have always loved going to the dentist, even as a kid. In fact, I love working with kids, and I try to make coming to the dentist fun! When I'm not at the office, I enjoy being outside and making people laugh (editor's note: she has a gift for smiles!). I like to travel, see the world, and try new foods, although my favorites are still pizza and mac & cheese (two classics!).

When I’m not hanging out with the kids at our office, I like to go to the gym and clean my house (no kidding!).

My favorite holiday is: Halloween! 

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - Susan

Susan – Patient Services Representative

I worked at BCD years ago, took a few years off to enjoy my young family, and am so happy to be back! I missed seeing all your adorable children walking through our doors. I am here to help you and your family in any way that I can!

Outside of my fabulous work environment, I love to spend time with my wonderful and funny husband, Russ, and my two beautiful girls. We have some of the most outstanding friends both here in Wisconsin and in Tennessee. Our family loves to visit the Smoky Mountains every chance we get!

My most favorite thing to do with my family: LAUGHING!

Bullard Children's Dentistry staff member - saraBullard Children's Dentistry staff member - sara's silly photo

Sara – Dental Assistant

I love working with Dr. George and the staff – so much so that I worked here before, took a break to try another opportunity, then returned to Team BCD in 2019! What brought me back to BCD? I love my co-workers and Dr. George; I love wearing purple scrubs; and I love helping the kiddos love going to the dentist! I am a proud graduate of Lakeshore Technical College’s Dental Assisting program.

When I’m not having fun at work, I enjoy vacationing with my family, cleaning (seriously!), gardening and antiquing. My family and I are very big baseball fans! Typically, during most nights in the summer, I am at the ballpark watching my kids play ball.

My favorite toy as a kid: my boom box with cassette tapes!